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EXCURSIONS : Historical monuments

Bzovík Castle – a one-time cloister fortress with an abbey whence was gradually established feudal rule in Hont. It was established before 1135 by comes Lamper from the Hunt-Poznan line, together with his son. During the Second World War it was severely damaged and today lies in ruins. It is one of the oldest constructed landmarks in Slovakia.

Čabraď Castle – the castle ruins are starkly visible on top of the hill above the meandering Litava River. The castle is also known under the name of Litava and has been guarding the roads to the mining cities since the 13th century. The threat of Turkish invasion necessitated its expansion and fortification, which was supervised by the well-known Italian fortification architect G. Ferrari. Due to these modifications, the castle was never conquered by the Turks. The last owners, the Koháry family, moved to the newly-built and more comfortable manor house in Sväty Anton in 1812 and set the castle on fire. It has lain in ruins since then. .

Val Obrov (Wall of Giants) – the oldest known mention of the wall is recorded in a 13th century document, where it was called fossa giganteum, or the Wall of Giants. It stretches from Sitno (1,009 m a.s.l.) in the Štiavnica range down to the south through the villages of Pečenice and Dudince to the Ipeľ River. The wall has fallen considerably into ruins, but at places (along the border between the districts of Levice and Žiar nad Hronom) it reportedly reaches a width of 8 meters. There was apparently a workshop quite close to the wall where stone axes and other stone tools were made and stored and a large number of these tools dating from around 5000 BC have been discovered in Pečenice..

Trúbiaci Boulder - not far from the village of Sucháň there is to this day on the slope of one of the hills a stone monolith with visible openings and secret signs on its surface that were allegedly made by Turkish soldiers. This ingeniously drilled rock emits from inside (when properly blown), a distinct and very intense sound with which they were able in unknown terrain to orient themselves.

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